Rail transportation

Rail transportation occurrences in 2018

Overall, 1172 railway accidents were reported to the TSB in 2018, a 7% increase over 2017 and a 13% increase from the 5-year average of 1035. Most of the increase relates to non-main-track derailments of 5 or fewer cars.

There were 57 rail-related fatalities reported in 2018, well below the 5-year average of 74, 34 of which involved trespassers. The number of crossing-accident fatalities was the same as in 2017 (19) and similar to the 5-year average (21), but the number of serious injuries due to crossing accidents nearly doubled (42) compared to 2017 (22) and to the 5-year average (24).

Among all railway accidents reported to the TSB in 2018, 125 involved dangerous goods. This number was up from 115 in 2017, but down slightly from the 5-year average of 126. Six accidents in 2018 resulted in a dangerous goods release.

Of all the railway networks in the world, Canada's is the third largest and transports the fourth largest volume of goods. Every year, Canadian railways move 70% of the country's surface goods (including 40% of its exports) and carry 70 million people, meeting motorists and pedestrians at thousands of public and private crossings.

Investigations in the rail mode touch on a wide variety of subjects, such as operational decision making, risk management, component failure, supervision, metallurgy and track train dynamics.

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