Following railway signal indications

This video discusses following railway signal indications, which is one of the eight safety issues identified by the Transportation Safety Board as posing the greatest risk to Canadians. To find out more about these safety issues, see the Watchlist 2014.

Transcript of the video

Watchlist 2014 - Following railway signal indications

On average there have been 30 occurrences each year where a train crew did not respond appropriately to a signal indication.

Signal indications convey information on operating speed and limits for a train to travel.

Train signal misinterpretation/misperception was a cause or contributing factor in:

Recent occurrences

  • Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, QC - R10Q0011
  • KC Junction, BC - R10V0038
  • Edmonton, AB - R11E0063
  • Burlington, ON - R12T0038


Transport Canada and Industry: Additional physical safety defences must be implemented to ensure that railway signal indications are consistently recognized and followed.