Safety management and oversight

This video discusses safety management and oversight, which is one of the nine safety issues identified by the Transportation Safety Board as posing the greatest risk to Canadians. To find out more about these safety issues, see the Watchlist 2014.

Transcript of the video

Safety management and oversight

For every company, big or small, managing risks is a vital part of the job.


Some operators do not manage risks well, and Transport Canada's oversight has not always helped them change unsafe operating practices.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

… can help

… are a formal way of managing risks

Recent occurrences

  • Cultis Lake, BC, January 2012 - A12P0008
  • Blue River, BC, March 2012 - A12P0034
  • Burgeo, NL, May 2013 - M13N0014
  • Lac-Mégantic, QC, July 2013 - R13D0054


Transport Canada:

  • Require all air and marine operators to have formal processes to manage safety
  • Provide enough oversight to ensure those processes work
  • Intervene when those processes don't

Transportation companies with SMS:

  • Demonstrate that hazards are being identified
  • Demonstrate that mitigating measures are in place