Loss of life on fishing vessels

This video discusses loss of life on fishing vessels, which is one of the nine safety issues identified by the Transportation Safety Board as posing the greatest risk to Canadians. To find out more about these safety issues, see the Watchlist 2014.

Transcript of the video

Loss of life on fishing vessels

Every year about 134 fishing vessel accidents are reported with an average of 1 fatality per month.

The complex interaction of these safety issues on a fishing vessel underscores the need for a stronger safety culture:

  • vessel stability
  • crew training
  • operating practices
  • carriage of immersion suits
  • use and availability of lifesaving equipment
  • regulatory oversight
  • impact of fishery resource management plans and practices

Some safety initiatives have begun but more still needs to be done.

Recent occurrences

  • Frazer River, BC, August 2002 - M02W0147
  • Queen Charlotte Sound, BC, February 2004 - M04W0034
  • Margaree Harbour, NS, May 2010 - M10M0014
  • Cape Sable island, NS, May 2011 - M11M0017


Transport Canada must implement regulations to address some of the safety deficiencies.

Federal and provincial authorities and leaders in the fishing community:

  • Need to recognize the interaction of safety deficiencies and
  • Coordinate action to improve the safety culture in fishing operations.