Approach-and-landing accidents

This video discusses approach-and-landing accidents, which is one of the eight safety issues identified by the Transportation Safety Board as posing the greatest risk to Canadians. To find out more about these safety issues, see the Watchlist 2014.

Transcript of the video

Approach-and-landing accidents

Approach-and-landing accidents occur every year.

Over 150 approach-and-landing accidents,

  • Runway overruns
  • Runway excursions
  • Landings short of runways
  • Tail strikes

A stabilized approach means a greater chance of safe landings.


3.5% - 4% of approaches are unstable.

97% of unstable approaches are continued to landing.

Unstable approaches are often a factor in approach-and-landing accidents.

The terrain at runway ends can also lead to aircraft damage and injuries.


Transportation Industry: Reduce unstable approaches that continue to landing.

Transport Canada: Complete analysis and move forward with regulatory changes on runway end safety areas.

Airports: Lengthen runway end safety areas or install other means of safely stopping aircraft that overrun.