M16A0115 - Deck crane failure and fatality

Video of laboratory test to ascertain how the crane failed

On 29 April 2016, at approximately 1035 Atlantic Daylight Time, a small vessel was engaged in aquaculture operations 1 nautical mile east of Milligan's Wharf, Prince Edward Island, when the operator was fatally injured by the vessel's crane. The operator was working below the elevated boom of the crane when its hydraulic cylinder piston rod fractured, causing the boom and attached rigging to fall and strike his head, resulting in immediate death. Read marine investigation report M16A0115 for details.

Description of the video

This video is of a test performed at the TSB laboratory to ascertain how the crane failed. The test, which used the same model and type of hydraulic actuator used on the day of the occurrence, demonstrates the effect of side-loading on the actuator's piston rod, and shows the piston rod bending and consequently failing.