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Blog launch video

There's not a single person in this country whose life is not affected by transportation safety. Canadians and our economy rely on our transportation system, and we expect it to be safe and that's where the TSB comes in.

Well there are three questions that we answer for Canadians in every single investigation that we do, and they are: what happened, why did it happen, and what needs to be done to help ensure it won't happen again.

The easiest of those questions is what happened; the most difficult question is why. At the TSB we don't wait when we have critical safety lessons to be communicated. We talk about those lessons throughout an investigation and when we come to the end of an investigation.

We want to give Canadians a glimpse of what we do at the TSB, to provide a better understanding of the work we do.

We're here to announce our blog: The TSB Recorder. Recorders are one of the main tools that we use when we're investigating accidents. At the TSB we're out there; we're on Flickr, we're on YouTube, we're on Twitter every single day. We have an amazing website, and so the blog is just one more way to communicate directly with Canadians.

All Canadians are affected by transportation safety, so this blog is for everyone.

Once you've subscribed to the blog you can join the conversation and tell us about what you've seen and what you would like to see. We really look forward to hearing from you.