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TSB Quarterly Review — First quarter 2019-20

ISSN 2369-7954

July 2019

Chair's message

Over the last three months, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has deployed investigators to 15 occurrence sites across the country, as well as one in Mexico. We have also started 15 new investigations, released 4 investigation reports, and provided one investigation update.

In April, the TSB provided its second update on the fatal derailment that occurred near Field, British Columbia, and issued two related Rail Safety Advisory letters. One concerned the prevention of uncontrolled train movements, and the other was about inspection and maintenance of the air-brake system (Rail Safety Advisories 617-04/19 and 617-05/19).

Then in June, the TSB hosted the 2019 International Transportation Safety Association (ITSA) annual conference, which was held in Québec City. The 4-day event was attended by the heads of independent safety investigation authorities from 17 countries, and was a great success. The TSB firmly believes in ITSA's mission, which relies on information sharing and cooperation to promote independent, non-judicial investigations of transportation accidents and thereby contributes to the safety of the public and industry.

Also in June, the TSB released its transportation occurrence statistics for 2018. These data, organized by Air, Rail, Marine and Pipeline sectors, are vital for identifying and tracking trends, for analyzing safety deficiencies, and for communicating information to the public.

Finally, we launched our updated website at the beginning of April. It’s easier to navigate and works better on mobile devices. One new tool is the Investigations and reports index (air, marine, pipeline, rail): you can use the filter to find reports that contain one or even several search terms, e.g., “bird strike ontario” (air) or “crude oil leak wrigley” (pipeline). We’re still ironing out the creases, so please be patient with us—or report errors you find to the webmaster at

I hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Kathy Fox

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