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TSB Quarterly Review — Second quarter 2018-19

ISSN 2369-7954

October 2018

Chair's message

Fall is now upon us and so it's a good time to look back at the work we've done from July through September, 2018. During that three-month period, we deployed investigators to 28 accident sites across the country, compared with 13 during the previous quarter. We released 17 investigation reports and started 23 new investigations. We've also started posting ‘status updates' for ongoing investigations indicating the stage they have reached. During the second quarter, 45 such updates were posted.

On 22 August, the TSB tabled its Annual Report 2017–18 in Parliament. This report discusses the TSB's investigative caseload, safety communications and outcomes achieved during the year as well as the progress made on a number of new and outstanding recommendations. It also highlights key statistics on reported occurrences in the aviation, marine, rail and pipeline modes of transportation.

Watchlist 2018

At this time, I’m pleased to announce that on 29 October, we will be releasing the latest edition of the TSB biennial Watchlist. With Watchlist 2018, you’ll find out what actions have been taken since 2016, and what more needs to be done to make Canada’s Rail, Marine and Air transportation systems even safer. Stay tuned!

Kathy Fox

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