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TSB Quarterly Review — Second quarter 2017-18

ISSN 2369-7954

October 2017

Chair's message

Over the last quarter, we have been working very hard, deploying to 15 accident sites, releasing 16 investigation reports, and issuing three new recommendations, always with the aim of advancing transportation safety. The TSB held four media events across the country and as a result, our spokespeople gave numerous interviews, spreading our safety message.

In addition, our Annual Report was tabled in Parliament this summer, featuring investigation highlights, statistics, and status of Board recommendations. Representatives from the TSB participated in various outreach activities, and we were pleased to welcome a delegation from Nicaragua seeking feedback from the TSB regarding the creation of a similar agency in their country.

As usual, we will keep on working hard as we strive for a safer transportation system from coast to coast to coast.

Kathy Fox

Completed investigations


Blog posts: The TSB Recorder

Investigator-in-Charge Pierre Gavillet and Chair Kathy Fox at the news conference for the release of investigation report A15Q0120 on September 5, 2017.

Investigations started

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