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  • Severe turbulence encounter of Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER, C-FRAM, 85 nm ENE of Anchorage, Alaska on 30 December 2015

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    On 30 December 2015, the Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER (registration C-FRAM, serial number 35250) was operating as flight 088 (ACA088) from Shanghai/Pudong Airport, China, to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario. At 1924 Coordinated Universal Time, 8 hours into the flight, ACA088 encountered severe turbulence at flight level 330, approximately 85 nautical miles east-northeast of Anchorage, Alaska, United States. During the encounter, 21 passengers were injured, 1 of whom was seriously injured. ACA088 diverted to Calgary International Airport, Alberta, and landed approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Damage to the aircraft was limited to interior furnishings and a V-clamp for ducting on the Number 2 air conditioning system that failed.

  • Main-track train derailment of Canadian National Railway Company freight train U70451-10 at mile 111.7, Ruel Subdivision, Gladwick, Ontario on 14 February 2015

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    On 14 February 2015, at about 2335 Eastern Standard Time, Canadian National Railway Company (CN) crude oil unit train U70451-10 was proceeding eastward at about 38 mph on CN's Ruel Subdivision when it experienced a train-initiated emergency brake application at Mile 111.7, at Gladwick, near Gogama, Ontario. A subsequent inspection determined that the 7th through 35th cars (29 cars in total) had derailed. Nineteen of the tank cars were breached, and about 1.7 million litres of petroleum crude oil were released to either atmosphere or surface. The released product ignited, and the fires burned for 5 days. About 900 feet of mainline track was destroyed. There was no evacuation, and there were no injuries.

  • Engine failure and collision with terrain of Oceanview Helicopters Ltd., Hughes 369D (helicopter), C-FOHE, 7 nm N of Paynton, Saskatchewan on 22 October 2015

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    On 22 October 2015, an Oceanview Helicopters Ltd. Hughes 369D (registration C-FOHE, serial number 410942D) was conducting aerial work on power lines in the vicinity of Paynton, Saskatchewan, with the pilot and an external platform worker on board. At 1342 Central Standard Time, while installing a marker ball in a hover at approximately 325 feet above ground level, the helicopter experienced an engine failure, descended suddenly, and collided with the terrain. The pilot and external platform worker were fatally injured, and the helicopter was destroyed in a post-impact fire. The emergency locator transmitter activated on impact, but was destroyed by the post-impact fire.

  • Main-track train collision of Canadian Pacific Railway freight trains 602-242 and 113-01 at ile 62.0, Mountain Subdivision, Beavermouth, British Columbia on 06 September 2015

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    On 06 September 2015, at approximately 0223 Pacific Daylight Time, Canadian Pacific Railway Train 602-242, travelling eastward on the main track of the Mountain Subdivision, collided with westbound Canadian Pacific Railway Train 113-01, which was entering the siding track near Beavermouth, British Columbia. As a result of the collision, 2 locomotives and the first car behind the locomotives on train 602-242 as well as one set of trucks on the 64th car on train 113-01 derailed. The conductor of train 602-242 sustained a serious injury. No dangerous goods were released.

  • Person overboard and subsequent loss of life on small fishing vessel Cock-a-Wit Lady 23 nautical miles SSW of Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia on 30 November 2015

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    On 30 November 2015, at 0911 Atlantic Standard Time, the fishing vessel Cock-a-Wit Lady, with 5 people on board, reported a crew member had gone overboard 23 nautical miles south-southwest of Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia. The crew recovered the crew member using the trap hauler and attempted resuscitation. After being airlifted to hospital, the crew member was pronounced deceased.

  • Collision with terrain of Apex Helicopters Inc., Robinson R44, C-GZFX, 17 nm S of Foleyet, Ontario on 08 September 2015

    Released on

    On 08 September 2015, at approximately 2015 Eastern Daylight Time, an Apex Helicopters Inc. Robinson R44 (registration C GZFX, serial number 0595) departed from a camp on Horwood Lake, Ontario, for the Foleyet Timber Camp, 17 nautical miles south of Foleyet, Ontario, with 1 pilot and 1 passenger on board. Approximately 3.1 nautical miles northwest of the Foleyet Timber Camp, the helicopter struck trees on elevated terrain. The occupants sustained fatal injuries. The helicopter was destroyed by impact forces. There was no post-impact fire. The helicopter was equipped with an emergency locator transmitter, but no signal was transmitted or detected by search and rescue agencies. The aircraft was not reported missing until the following day at approximately 1500, at which point search and rescue operations were initiated. The wreckage was discovered by a company aircraft on 11 September.